Staying at home does not mean you cannot look good.

In need of getting rid of those pesky grays?The COVID-19 has shut-down the beauty industry until at least March 2nd 2021,
but we have a DIY Colour kit to help you to keep the gray at bay

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We have some home-kit-hair-care-bonanza ready for youWho says you cannot feel good while staying (mostly) at home?

Gray at bay (€40)For regulars only (we need a colour record).

With this set you get your regular colour recipe to touch up your roots. You will get all appliances necessary to succesfully do your own colour. It includes instructions on how to do it. With this kit you also avoid the problems that may occur from using box dye.

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Sweet hair treat (18€)DIY hair treatments.

With this set you will get professional grade treatments for your hair at home. It will help you with getting your hair in tip-top shape for those summer colours you have been waiting for. You can also use them just because you love to look radiant.

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Double Trouble (€58)Both colour and treatment combi, for regulars only.

The ultimate combination to get you through the corona crisis in style. This includes both the colour and treatment set and all the bells and whistles that go with it. You will be as radiant as ever, while helping us at the same time.

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Home Delivery (€X,XX).

We currently are not doing delivery. Still need of delivery? Send us a mail!

Missing anything?Products or something else.

We are still more than happy to help you, though we are not able to set-up an online shop for you to order, you can still contact us about product availability and pick-up or just if you have product questions. Feel free to mail us at anytime.

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What you get when you order a Colour kitDIY Colour Kit

What you still need yourselfWhen ordering a DIY colour kit

The widget under will help you in securing a DIY kit for at home use.Check under to see what you need to be aware of for the situation that you choose.

Pick-up at the Colour Lounge

    • You must be a Colour Lounge client with a colour record;
    • Select what you would like;
    • Select a day, that day will be the pick-up date;
    • The selected time is pick-up time, make sure to make it on time;
    • Running late or something else? Make sure to call us or send us a mail;
    • Make payments online, no payments means we will not be able to honor your request (sorry we have to be strict );
    • Not able to pick-up? Cancel within 24 hours with the link in the confirmation mail and we will refund you ASAP;
    • If you have any issues, please contact us by mail, we will do our best to be of help;
    • You are unfortunately not allowed inside the premises of the salon;
    • Lastly, try to use the kit as soon as you can for best results (best within 24 hours).

We only have one option for the kitPick-up

Pick-up onlyAt the Colour Lounge

Awesome that you are swinging by to pick-up! Remember to arrive on time for the pick-up, there is a 15 mimute window. Need to change the appointment? Please cancel the appointment with the link in your confirmation mail. You can only do this 24 hours prior, the DIY kit will then not be in process.

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