Privacy and Cookie Statement

Privacy and cookie statement

Renae Zechner’s Colour Lounge (hereinafter referred to as: “Colour Lounge”) values your privacy and in this privacy and cookie statement the Colour Lounge wishes to explain how your personal data is handled. More concretely, what type of data we collect, why we collect it and what it is used for.

This privacy and cookie statement is both valid for our website as well as for the services we provide.

If you have any questions about this privacy and cookie statement, please contact us at

1.      Identity of Colour Lounge

Renae Zechner’s Colour Lounge

Ceintuurbaan 234-HS

1072GE, Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20 233 8742

2.      Data we process

Colour Lounge processes the following personal information from you for the purposes explained later in this privacy and cookie statement:

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Email address;
  • Phone numbers.

We passively collect the following personal information:

  • Gender;
  • Address;
  • Date of birth;
  • Residence;
  • Country;
  • Account number;
  • Communication preferences;
  • Data about your activity on our website
  • Other personal information you provide to us by written or verbal communication.

When making an online purchase, a third party (Mollie, Plink or other) collects information to process the payments, information to which the Colour Lounge has access to but does not link to your account other than billing information.

Moreover, we process information pertaining to our services, products, payments, and specific things that relate to your colour and/or cut. Examples of this is whether you have a reaction to certain colours or products we use or how we apply the colour or the colour formula or how an appointment was paid for.

We do always process primary information (name and contact details), passive information we do not always collect nor process. We only collect information that is useful or necessary for us to be able to improve our services or products.

3.      Special and/or sensitive data we process

During the COVID-19 pandemic we request of clients to fill-out a form prior coming to the salon. This form is sent to the mail provided and, if not filled out, is asked in person at the salon.

We send this form for the safety of both clients and staff, and only information is requested within the guidelines provided by the Rijsinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM).

The form sent requests information pertaining to health and possible COVID-19 infection.

After two weeks’ time, the forms are automatically deleted from our systems. Both the ones filled in by mail as well as the ones filled in person at the Colour Lounge.

4.      How does the Colour Lounge obtain your personal data?

The Colour Lounge can obtain your data the following ways:

Information you provide to us. For example, when you book an appointment for a service and input you email and phone number, when you contact us by mail or phone, when you partake in promotional campaigns or when you fill out a survey.

From booking an appointment. For example, when you book an appointment, you provide us with information about what type of booking you want, processing payments, notes you may write on the comments while booking online, or notes we write in your appointments as a reminder to the person helping you.

From third parties. We process data when you visit our website and/or app to map and analyze how our website is used and what content is being viewed, with tools such as Google Analytics. We also process data that is related to relevant social networks such as Facebook and Instagram from which we may obtain information to improve our services and/or communication efforts. We also process information from different survey or communication tools, such as Salonized, Survey Monkey or Mailchimp. We may also receive information from partners who are involved with the services or products, such as shipping information, or the status of products shipped. Moreover, partners whom handle payments from our products and services either at the Colour Lounge or online. Example partners are Mollie, Plink or EMS.

While contacting the Colour Lounge or at the Colour Lounge. Such as writing information down from the colour or cut or products bought or when you enter our establishment and footage is recorded for security purposes.

5.      What are the reasons the Colour Lounge processes your personal information?

The Colour Lounge processes your information for the following reasons:

  1. In order to provide a service. An example, in order for us to help you with a service we require to know what type of service you would like so we can allocate enough time to help you. We can use your contact details to inform you of a change to the services or change in the plans.
  2. In order to process and ship a product. An example: we use data you provide to be able to ship a product.
  3. In order to process payments. We use payment information to process payments and issue invoices.
  4. In order to make profiles. An example is to match your interests and preferences the best we can. For example, whether you want to receive mailings or not, whether you would like to receive promotions, for online campaigns and so on.
  5. In order to communicate promotions and newsletters. For example to keep you informed via phone, mail, email, SMS, push messages or other suitable media, about promotions or offers or to keep you informed about the services and/or content (appointment reminders, newsletters, etc.). You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.
  6. In order to improve our services and identify a change in preferences. We can analyze data to get a sense of what trends are happening, make more informed decisions about for example training and how to provide our services.
  7. In order to conduct market research. The Colour Lounge can contact you, former and active customers or a person that has shown interest and provided contact information, to use contact details to conduct market research. Participation to market research is always voluntary.
  8. In order to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Your personal data can be used to comply with laws and regulations that apply to the Colour Lounge. For example, to deal with disputes or when audits are being carried out.

6.      Why does the Colour Lounge process your data?

We process your data as we need records to the services you require and the results of the services you purchased. For example, we need to be able to assess the services you need to book an appointment and a colour record in the event you would like the same colour.

We are also required to keep certain data that is mandatory to keep by the tax authorities. For example, we must retain payment data for seven years.

Other reasons why we process data is because of commercial interest. For example, what type of training is necessary for staff in order to provide the levels of expertise that customers are accustomed from the Colour Lounge but also, for example, for processing payments and issuing invoices for the services and products purchased.

Lastly, the Colour Lounge can process your personal data on your permission. For example, when the Colour Lounge asks for your permission to place and read cookies on your browser.

7.      Who does the Colour Lounge share your personal data with?

The Colour Lounge only shares personal data insofar that it fits within the purposes described in the privacy and cookie statement.

With third party companies personal data is shared to be able to carry out the services or products you purchased from the Colour Lounge or for other commercial purposes. For example, using software to send mails, SMS centres, market research software, billing and collection agencies, booking platforms, marketing agencies, etc. Where possible these companies only process personal data.

With authorities the Colour Lounge only discloses personal data if it is required by the law or are ordered to do so by court.

8.      Cookies

Cookies are small files that can be placed on your devices, browser or apps. For example, by installing a remember-me cookie for subsequent bookings, you do not have to manually fill in your details every time you wish to make a booking with us.

Before the Colour Lounge places non-functional cookies, the Colour Lounge will ask for your permission.

The Colour Lounge can place, after your consent, cookies in order to have a better understanding on how our website is being used. The Colour Lounge can also place cookies to better understand its users by creating profiles. Moreover, cookies can be placed in order to make use of advertising networks to place ads within these networks. Tracking cookies can also be placed to understand better your browsing habits, like for example Facebook or Instagram.

Below there is an overview of our technical partners the Colour Lounge works with:

  • Salonized (agenda, booking system and other);
  • Hostnet (hosting);
  • Mailchimp (mailing system);
  • Survey Monkey (market research);
  • Cookie consent (to process cookie preferences);
  • Google Analytics (used for site behavior tracking);
  • Google Tag (for retargeting);
  • Facebook Pixel (for retargeting and analysis);
  • EMS (payment processing);
  • Mollie (payment processing);
  • Plink (payment processing);
  • WordPress and affiliated organizations (website and functionality);
  • Treatwell (booking platform).

If you would like more information about the cookies that other parties place from the websites or other communication platforms of the Colour Lounge and the purposes for which and the manner in which these cookies are used, please read the privacy and cookie statements of these parties on their websites or apps.

9.      How long does the Colour Lounge store your personal data?

The Colour Lounge keeps personal data for as long as necessary to provide its services. We store the data for as long as you keep using our services and/or products. In the event you stop using our services and or/products we delete your data after three years (to still be able to help expats relocating again in the Netherlands).

The exception to this are billing information (it is mandatory to retain payment information for seven years), warranty on products or anything that may be necessary beyond the previously explained circumstances.

10.  Personal Data protection

Your personal data is important, that is why we work with external partners that can process personal information securely to prevent loss, disclosure and unauthorized access to personal data.

11.  Your rights with personal data

You have the rights to view and review personal data that the Colour Lounge processes of you and alter or delete it if required.

If you would like to exercise your rights or would like to receive information about the privacy and cookie statement. Please send a mail to info (at) colourlounge (dot) nl, the Colour Lounge will aim to respond to your questions or requests within two weeks.

12.  Changes to the privacy and cookie statement

In the future the Colour Lounge may decide to change this privacy and cookie statement. Therefore, the Colour lounge recommends that you regularly check this privacy and cookie statement to see if there are any changes.

The latest applicable version of the privacy and cookie statement can always be consulted on this site or other communication platform.

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