Nothing give us more joy than that shinny big light bulb in the sky. It radiates hugs that keeps us warm. It makes our hair more shiny and glittery and relaxes us from the medieval times we experience during work hours. We chose Organic Colour Systems as one of our product ranges as it fits snugly to our vision of a world with neutral impact. We view beauty and the environment as elements capable of a harmonious relationship. Although we have the technique, you are the one whom can inspire us to harmoniously become one with nature!

Still having some concerns about Organic Colour Systems? No worries, we had them too. You can always book with us a free consultation to talk about it, with no attachments whatsoever. We always love meeting new people, you do not necessarily have to book something with us!

Organic Colour Systems

Colours with real Purpose

A complete system that takes care of your hair during the colouring process and keeps your hair healthy after colouring. With a minimum of chemicals and a good dose of organic ingredients it is a colouring range that has a sustainable purpose.

Kind Colours

We believe that colours should be kind for your hair but also kind for the environment. The process of when the ingredients are picked on the fields until it arrives in our salon needs to be a conscious endeavor. Reducing carbon footprint, preserving natural stock and creating products ethically are a few of the key promises Organic Colour Systems has made us.

Natural Colours

Nature provides us with the best ingredients to treat and colour our hair. In Yesteryears chemicals were needed to achieve reliable full-spectrum colours. With Organic Colour Systems there is no more need for those pesky super harsh chemicals to get a great colour. With minimum amount of chemicals and a good dose of nature your hair will feel great and look gorgeous!

Max Organic

It is no secret that we believe in a world where organic ingredients are the rule and not the exception. With OCS we are a step closer to that world as they guarantee the maximum amount of organic ingredients as possible in their colours and products.

Ammonia-free Activators

To get colour in your hair, your hair needs to open up the cuticle layer to introduce the colour molecules into your hair. To do so most brands use ammonia to open your cuticles. Organic Colour Systems has ammonia substituting ingredients that open-up your cuticles without ammonia.


Nothing is more inspiring than hair dye extracted from nature. We work with Organic Colour Systems as one of our alternative colouring products at the Colour Lounge. The reason why we recommend or use Organic Colour System? We wanted an ammonia free, non-animal tested and ethically produced organic colouring range with recyclable packaging. Quickly we realized that there is (still!) no such thing as hair dye that is completely chemical free. As one of Amsterdam’s leading colouring salon we had a dilemma. After many trials and errors we decided to go with Organic Colour Systems as it was the only supplier that could answer honestly that they were not 100% natural. Moreover, we like the key promises they make for a sustainable future both in vision and mission.


We use it and love the results we are able to get with it! Do you want to switch from henna colours to Organic Colour Systems or any other high profile dye? No worries, we can do that. Book a consultation with us so we can share with you the alternative secrets to colouring! 


Ever felt the need to jump in a time machine to get that colour you had a long time ago? Or maybe the other way around, to see what new trends are hiding in the future? With 64 intermixable tints the range of colours we can create are endless. Bring us your imagination and we will make it work. No need for a time machine!


Organic Colour Systems covers those pesky gray hairs. However, you can do more than just covering your grays, you can also choose to embrace it! What about some highlights with a few shades lighter than your hair colour to camouflage the grays? Or what about a cool platinum colour? Share with us your ideas and we will make it happen!

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