We love it when you book with us through the phone, yet when you are busy during opening times and you just missed us at closing time, it might get a tiny little bit frustrating to get into contact with us. Below you can book an appointment and even a consultation with us. Quick and easy!

First time around for colour? Make sure to book a consultation before making an appointment (we do not want to disappoint). Due to COVID-19, we are not offering free consultations, for the time being.

Moreover, we have temporarily increased our prices due to COVID-19 and an online pre-payments is necessary in order to secure your booking. You can read more here. Keep in mind that 100% pre-payment is necessary until December 22nd, this is a relation to the DIY kits we are offering on that date. Afterwards we will revert back to 50% pre-payment until a new date has been selected for the DIY kits in January (the first week).

Feel a little more comfortable talking to us personally? Send us a mail and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Want to book for a Senior and a Stylist? In that case you need to make two bookings, one with a Senior and another with a Stylist. Otherwise you won’t see any availability!

Find us at Ceintuurbaan 234 in Amsterdam

Ride to us

We prefer that you ride your bike to us. It doesn’t matter how rusty or damaged your trustworthy bike is or how windy or cold the day is. Cycling is generally the quickest way to get to us, is good for the environment and you have no parking fees.

Walk to us

It is also fun to walk to us. Several routes lead to the Ceintuurbaan and nearly all of them have some interesting locations and paths. If you are coming from the north or east you can walk through the Albert Cuypstraat and if you are coming from the west you can go through the Museumkwartier.

Drive to us

If you are coming from outside Amsterdam we recommend you take the exit RAI on the A10 (Ring-South), then go north on the S109 towards the Ferdinand Bolstraat. Eventually you will arrive on the Ceintuurbaan.

On the Ceintuurbaan you can park for 10 cents an hour (for only one hour, from 9.00 to 18.00) or you can park on the side streets of the Ceintuurbaan. Parking fees varies between the north side (4 € per hour) and south side (3 € per hour).

Reach us by PT

You can also reach us by public transport. Take tram 3, 12 or 24 and stop on the Ferdinand Bolstraat/Ceintuurbaan, from there walk towards the west on the Ceintuurbaan, eventually you will reach us.

Additionally, you can (finally) take the metro to reach us. Grab metro 52 and exit on the Pijp stop. Once in the station exit on the Ceintuurbaan. From there walk west and after a while you will reach us.

Get in touch with us

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We are located at


Ceintuurbaan 234,
1072 GE
The Netherlands
(+31) 020 233 8742

Remember, we are closed until at least April 29th for services. Check our corona page for more info.
Interested in a DIY kit? More info following shortly.
Want to support us with a gift card? Check here.

Opening times

Monday                             09:00 until 17:00

Tuesday                            11:00 until 20:00

Wednesday                       11:00 until 20:00

Thursday                           11:00 until 20:00

Friday                                 10:00 until 19:00

Saturday                            10:00 until 18:00

Sunday                              09:00 until 17:00

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