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Colour is Beautiful

Colour accentuates your being, state of mind and lifestyle.
Colour Lounge

Infinite Colour Possibilities in a Single Shop

Colour accentuates your being, state of mind and lifestyle.

With our unique colouring techniques and products, we have the skills and tools to tailor
a look to fit your lifestyle.


A unique hairdressing approach in Amsterdam

Combining a tailored experience with our trade we create a unique event for you to experience.

Hair Consultation

We always have a consultation with you prior doing anything. Yes, even when you have been with us before castaway beards were cool. We discuss your wishes, analyze your hair, check your skin tone and color combination and a lot of other neat hairdressing consultation tools.

Hairdressing Magic

Your hair is important that is why we treat it with care and love. Our hairdressing magic ensures that your hair makes the transition, to what we consulted, happen.

Happy Moment

After finishing you can take a look in the mirror and enjoy the wow factor. We style your hair and talk you through the after care, what is important and answer the questions you have. Getting many compliments? We only helped realize your ideas but it would be nice if you could leave us your feedback!

Wild Card

Did you save that wild card?   We have an exciting surprise for you.

If you got one of those wild cards they grant you a neat surprise. Let us know during your next booking that you wish to redeem the wild card. Book through any of our channels and redeem the card during check-out.

Other Promotion

Have any other promotional card?  Redeem them during check-out

In some occasions you might encounter one of our promotional cards. If you would like to redeem any of these, check on the card the date and terms, so you don’t miss out on the promotion. Book through any of our channels and give us the card during check-out.


We Take Responsibility for our Footprints on Earth!

Our aim is to improve in a sustainable and environment friendly manner our services and products.

Samih Alshahed
Ich habe mich entschieden, diesen Salon mit seiner neuen Leitung zu besuchen, nachdem er mir von einem Freund empfohlen wurde. Die Terminvereinbarung erfolgte unkompliziert über die Treatwell Website. Mein Besuch ging grundsätzlich um Haare mit einem Laser-Haarentfernungsgerät zu entfernen. Ich habe Omar getroffen und er ist eine nette und sehr erfahrene Person. Nach der ersten Lasersitzung bemerkte ich sofort den Unterschied zu den Lasergeräten, die ich zuvor hier und da ausprobiert hatte. Ich empfehle auf jeden Fall sein Laser-Haarentfernungsgerät auszuprobieren. Aufgrund meiner positiven Erfahrung im Salon riet mir Omar, sein neues Gerät auszuprobieren, das hartnäckige Fett entfernt, das sich um den Bauch angesammelt hat, und bisher habe ich zwei Sitzungen. Dazwischen liegen 6 Wochen. Nach der ersten Woche bemerkte ich, dass diese hartnäckigen Fette zu verschwinden begannen. Ich habe dort immer noch Sitzungen und bin absolut zuversichtlich, dass ich nach Ende der geplanten Sitzungen ein erstaunliches Ergebnis erzielen werde.
Catalina Mena
🌈✨I dyed my hair pink with Nikah. Previously I bleached my hair at home and my hair needed big time PROFESSIONAL work. Thank God for Nikah. She was able to transform my hair completely making me into a gorgeous babe. She also personally mixed a color conditioner for my pink hair that I could use post-salon. She managed her time well and worked at an efficient pace. She was honest with me while remaining hopeful and bringing out the best with what I had. Everyone at the salon working that day were just lovely. I mean we all had good, positive conversation. YOU PAY FOR KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, GLOW UPS AND GOOD VIBES. Thank you. Catalina
Mary Christine
Absolutely fantastic, 5/5 service, above and beyond all expectations. I told Arica I had a previous bad experience with hair salons and she was so so reassuring and helpful in avoiding my anxieties, she made sure I knew what was happening every time she did something to my hair and she always asked if I was happy with what was happening. She also didn't rush the hair treatment at all, which was so nice, because usually professional hair salons do bookings straight one after the other and they try to get rid of you as soon as possible to fit more people in, which is not nice and feels so rude. Not at all the case here! She took exactly the amount of time that was required for what I wanted. She let me know beforehand exactly how much time and money that would be, so if you have plans for the rest of the day, always ask how much time they plan to take, because it might be more than you're used to at a "normal" salon. For a good reason! On the exactness of their hair colouring: this is the first salon I went to where I showed them a picture of the colour I want and they did 100% EXACTLY that colour. In many other places they take the colour you say you want as a recommendation and then do whatever they think would look best for you, but not this salon! They did exactly what colour I wanted, exactly how I wanted, and I felt like my wishes were heard and respected! For the quality of the products they use, the politeness and care of their stuff and the signifficant time per appointment they take to do their work well, the prices listed are phenomenal. Having your hair done at this salon for the price they ask is honestly a steal!
I am very happy with my balayage... So far, the best I had in 10 yrs! Fadi asked the perfect questions to understand fully what I expected and, to be honest, it was even better than expected (super natural impression) 😉 Strongly recommend this hair salon. Thank you Fadi 🙂
Brigit Oele
Highly recommendable! I had a balayage done by Renae and was really pleased with the results and amazing service. Would definitely return.
Adam Alshahed
They have the best laser device ever, after 15 days from the first treatment i started to saw the amazing results! definitely I recommend every one who's looking for laser hair removal treatments to make it by this luxury salon!!
Barbara Carrizo Iceta
I did my haircut and it was amazing I loved it! I’ll definitely come back. Thank you
Anonieme Gebruiker
Very lovely salon! Very professional! Fadi did my hair perfectly. Will be back soon!