PDATE December 19th 2021

Dear amazing clients,

As of December 19th we will be closing until we can open our doors again. Corona has had a big impact on all of us and we cannot wait to help you again in the new year.

The government has currently stipulated that the lockdown will be ongoing until January 14th. We are gearing to open on January 15th.

In the event you have a booking with us between now and January 14th, we will call you to check-in on you and to help you re-schedule your appointment. Feel free to re-schedule your appointment with the re-schedule button at the bottom of your confirmation email.

Alternatively, you can chose to cancel your appointment. If we have a deposit associated with the cancellation, a refund will be processed. Keep in mind that during the holidays, refunds may take longer to process than usual.

As in the past, we will still be offering the DIY kits for pick-up at the salon. Keep an eye out on the booking widget when this is possible or send us a mail.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Stay strong and healthy, we look forward seeing you soon in a new year and in much better spirits!


Colour Lounge Team

Dear valued customers,

We are unfortunately closed until January 19th 2021. We are leaving the information underneath so you can review it at your convenience.

When we reopen, we are more than happy for you to swing by if you have an appointment. We just wanted to share with you some information pertaining to the Corona virus (COVID-19) to guarantee your and our safety.

As we are all taking measures of prevention, we wanted to share what we are doing about the situation and how you can help. Keep an eye out on this section, as we will likely change things around before your appointment.

What we are doing

  • We have reduced our capacity, so that there are fewer people in the salon at any given moment;
  • Staff have been instructed to keep physical contact to a minimum;
  • Our cancellation/reschedule policy has changed to 24 hours;
  • The salon is cleaned and disinfected more regularly;
  • Stations and tools are disinfected after each client;
  • The measurements we have taken previously still holds (we have placed tissue boxes everywhere, placed paper towels for drying hands, etc.);
  • Staff have been instructed to pay extra attention to hygiene (disinfecting, washing hands before appointments, throwing away gloves, disinfecting doorknobs, etc.);
  • At each working-station there is a disinfectant lotion;
  • Staff have been instructed to send clients home if they suspect that rest is needed. We know we are not doctors and we may disappoint you, but safety has priority and we can definitely help you after you are feeling better;
  • Staff with mild symptoms will also be sent home, this can influence your booking;
  • We are offering bottled water, but do not offer any other drinks;
  • Wearing masks is compulsory. We supply masks if you forgot yours;
  • We do not take any appointments without fully functional mail addresses and phone numbers;
  • A day before your appointment you will be sent a form to fill in, this form is compulsory to fill in, two weeks later it is deleted.

What you can do

  • If you feel like you are catching a cold, are coughing, have a fever or your immune system is low. Please stay home, hair can wait;
  • If you have recently in an area where Corona is widespread, in contact with someone with the virus, or someone at home is not feeling well, please wait before coming in for an appointment;
  • Do not swing-by unless you have a booking;
  • Come alone to the salon;
  • Be on time;
  • Only bring essentials with you: keys, phone, wallet;
  • Wash your hands with the disinfectant lotion at the entrance;
  • Do not talk at the washbasin, just enjoy ;
  • Make use of the paper tissues, if you need to cough or sneeze. Please dispose of the tissues;
  • Make payments by card or pay online;
  • We are only serving water at the moment. You are free to bring your own drink;
  • Keep an eye out for your phone or mail before coming to the salon, just in case there is extra information.

Keep in mind we are following all the guidelines and protocols dictated by the government. Therefore, we cannot guarantee appointments 100%. If we cancel your appointment you will be approached by us.

We can be pretty relentless to get a speaking human on the phone, but we may have to email updates. Please keep an eye out for emails.

We look forward helping you 

Lots of love,

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