Life is Colourful

We believe that every colour is unique, capable of enhancing, toning and reflecting a mood or purpose. Colouring is our trade and we are committed to find the colours that compliment you. Vibrant and colourful hair make you unique and we hold the tools and expertise to find and apply the colours for your mood or purpose.

Shape your future

Hair is the base of colour, yet colour attributes the hair. When shaping hair with our scissors we believe in cuts that require low maintenance at home. Even when you desire an extravagant cut we aim to teach you how to maintain the look you wanted with as little effort as possible at home.

Style your presence

Hair can be shaped in numerous ways with different effects, yet a degree of artfulness and finesse is required when you want a specific look. Sometimes when an event is important you want a craftsman to achieve the result you want. For that hairdressing skills and product knowledge is key when styling hair.

Treat with love

Hair is a precious organic commodity susceptible to damage from both physical and mental activities. Stress, chemicals, food & other factors influence the state of your hair. Use products to care for your hair in a sustainable manner and treat your hair when factors damaging it require you to use a treatment.

Semi, Demi or Tint    60 to 90 min
Senior Stylist                                        63€
Stylist                                                   53€

Toner    15 to 20 min
Only with other colour service             25€

Highlights ¼    90 to 150 min
Senior Stylist                           77€
Stylist                                      66€

Highlights ½    120 to 170 min
Senior Stylist                           93€
Stylist                                      79€

Highlights ¾    140 to 190 min
Senior Stylist                           120€
Stylist                                      102

Highlights full head    160 to 210 min
Senior Stylist                           147€
Stylist                                      127€

Balayage    150 min
Senior Stylist                           147€
Stylist                                      127€

Ombré    150 min
Senior Stylist                           147€
Stylist                                      127€

Creative Colour    ∞ min
Senior Stylist                           On Consultation
Stylist                                      On Consultation

Colour Correction    ∞ min
Senior Stylist                           On Consultation

Cut Gentleman    45 min
Senior Stylist                           38€

Cut & Style    60 min
Senior Stylist                           54€
Stylist                                      44€

Blow Dry    30 min
Senior Stylist                           34€
Stylist                                      29€

Hair-up     on consultation
Senior Stylist                           Price indication on consultation
Stylist                                      Price indication on consultation

Masks    15 min

Treatment    15 min

(Ola)Plex Colour Treatment    15 min

(Ola)Plex Intensive Treatment    30 min

Alterna Caviar Repair X 3-Step Treatment    45 min

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