Laser hair removal

Permanently remove unwanted hair growth

Laser hair removal for a smooth and lasting result!

Unwanted hair growth is a common problem that many people suffer from. Removing hair by shaving or waxing often results in red bumps, itching or ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal provides a smooth and, more importantly, lasting result.

hair removal

At Cryo Cool Center you can also go for the most efficient hair removal treatments.
Both women and men shave, wax or epilate their unwanted hair.
It takes a lot of time, effort and often causes irritated skin, and in some cases even inflammation.
Do you suffer from unwanted hair growth on your face and body? This is the solution for those hairs you want to get rid of forever!
With no less than 6-8 treatments, it belongs to the past!

Interview ?

Are you curious about the possibilities? An introductory meeting is completely free of obligation.
We make a skin analysis and a personal treatment plan.
This way we can see together what the possibilities are for

What is laser hair removal?

During a laser hair removal treatment, the hairs are destroyed by tackling them at the source, namely the hair follicle.
The laser device emits intense pulses of light.

The light rays are developed and adjusted in such a way that it is only absorbed by the pigment of the hair.
The hair then directs the light laser beam to the hair follicle, destroying it.
Laser hair removal is the solution to get rid of your unwanted hair growth.

Over de laserapparaat

We use the Soprano ICE Titanium laser device for laser hair removal treatments.
The ICE laser handpiece is an advanced cooling technology that cools the skin during treatment.
Cooling the contact tip (handpiece) increases the comfort for the client, making the treatment feel pleasant.
The laser device also has 3 different wavelengths in one innovative handle.
That makes the Soprano ICE Titanium the best and most effective laser device currently available in the field of hair removal lasers.
The three effective wavelengths are combined and target the different structures in the hair follicle.
Penetration takes place at the hair bulb, the hair papilla and the hair matrix during the laser treatment,
and this ensures that after 4 to 8 treatments the unwanted hair growth is permanently removed.
The Soprano ICE Titanium is the least painful, fastest and safest Diode Laser device available today.
The hair removal treatments are suitable for all hair colors and skin types. Suitable for men and women.

After the laser hair removal treatment

It is wise to stay out of the sun for at least 1 week before and after the treatment,
and not to use the solarium. After this week you can sunbathe again.
We recommend using a sunscreen with a high SPF factor to protect the skin and laser areas.
If you are undergoing treatment with us and you enter into a process with us, you may only remove the hair growth by shaving.
Any other tools of removing your hair growth is not suitable.

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